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Have you ever asked yourself…

What would happen if a universe was born in your neighborhood? I imagine something like this. This short story should be finished in a day or so.


I woke up three days ago to a hole where the roof, windows, and upper floors of my apartment building should be. Blown out by some noiseless explosion that had never disturbed my completely sound sleep. The unfiltered noise of the city drifting in to replace my alarm clock. The white noise was shattered by a screech, “JESUS!”

From my bed, I could see into my neighbor’s apartment, as he struggled to hold onto his oak dinner table dangling from the rubble that used to be his nook. His wife cried and screamed and did little to help him as the massive table creeked and slowly slid backwards under the pull of gravity.

I vaulted from my bed, and slammed hard into the wooden floor of my apartment, my feet still tangled in the sheets. “ROY!” I screamed. “HOLD ON!” His wife shot her eyes to me and wailed again, blubbering out something that sounded like “Help.”

Roy, for his part grasped at the table, working his hardest to crawl his way across the slick finish of the wood. “I’m trying!” He yelled, his voice half muffled by distance and the wind rushing past the building.

I stumbled over what was once my fridge, a gnarled and twisted pile of sharp metal, tearing a gash in my leg as I tried to crawl across it.

Roy’s wife screamed again, as the wooden legs clawed into the carpet of their apartment began to crack under the stress. The stress of it’s own weight, and Roy’s middle aged girth, too much for the glue holding the leg to the table to stand.

The table crashed into the floor and began to slid over the side of the cliff that was once our apartment building. Roy yelled something that was swallowed by the noise of the moment, and then lost in the next.

Roy’s widow collapsed to her knees, sobbing, burying her head in the carpet. I stood, looking out over the expanse between our building and the one across the street. It too was missing a large part of it’s wall, in a sort of half spherical pattern, like someone had dropped a massive bowling ball between our two buildings.


US Congress Get Balls, Votes to Secure Future of Human Race

Senate Votes to Add $1B to NASA Budget

Thursday, October 04, 2007

By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON — The Senate decided Thursday to add $1 billion to NASA’s budget as both Democrats and Republicans voted to further break President Bush’s budget for domestic programs.

The money would replenish NASA accounts tapped to make improvements to the space shuttle program in the wake of the crash of the Columbia shuttle. The space agency has tapped non-shuttle accounts such as science and other space exploration programs for about $2.7 billion for safety upgrades and other costs identified after the 2003 disaster.

“NASA is being starved,” said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., adding that without the money, the next-generation Constellation space flight program wouldn’t be able to launch astronauts into orbit until 2015. The last shuttle flight is slated for 2010.

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4.54 billion years from now, we might have local neighbors…

Astronomers have spotted evidence of a second Earth being built around a distant star 424 light-years away.

Using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers have spotted a huge belt of warm dust swirling around a young star called HD 113766 that is just slightly larger than our sun.

The dust belt, which scientists suspect is clumping together to form planets, is located in the middle of the star system’s terrestrial habitable zone where temperatures are moderate enough to sustain liquid water.

Scientists estimate there is enough material in the belt to form a Mars-sized world or larger.

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