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Apparently we’re ready to revolt – No one told me.

So, cruising the net today, I found yet another interesting concept posted by Warren Ellis. Which was originally posted here.

In a nutshell:

“The author stresses the point that all of these preconditions have now been met to one degree or another in the current U.S.:”

1. Soaring then crashing standards of living
2. Rising class war/disillusionment
3. A generation of abandoned intellectuals
4. Incompetent government
5. Failure of leadership
6. Fiscal Irresponsibility
7. Inept and inconsistent use of force

Which to me reads as fuck all. The concepts ring true. But the fine print is in “these preconditions have been met to one degree or another“. In other words, in real corrupt governments, these concepts occur in such overt and troubling ways that there is no other recourse for the public than to bring about violent revolution. In the case of Bush, these have only taken place in such fashion that the same people who claim to promote peace and tolerance wish there was a violent reprisal. Because it’s just fucking politics. It has been since day one. Every four – eight years we get someone who is so diametrically opposed to everyone else that people flip out and have wet dreams about revolution.

The truth is this : We’re still not in bad shape. We’re still comfortable and well fed. Political extremism is nowhere near the mainstream, and we’re about to have an election that will pit a moderate Republican against two socialist Democrats. If we get one of those Democrat, I could see a swing of the same sentiments from above flipping to the right of the spectrum. If we get the other we’ll have a solid leader in place who – despite his political leanings and beliefs – will probably bridge the gap between the aisle.

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