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Apparently L. Ron didn’t just make Dianetics up…

Scans on the internets of a book called Scientologie, published in 1934 Germany, have popped up.

My shenanigans detector is sort of going off (as this is almost too damning to be true,) but it’s still rather interesting. Though, Enturbulation prides itself on actively and truthfully fighting CoS – so I don’t see why they’d fuck themselves by getting involved in a hoax. Questions remain, though, such as “How do they know Hubbard read this thing?”


An update on the power issue…

So, power here in my part of Tampa was down for about 45 minutes between 1 and 2 pm. It went back up and things seemed fine. However, everyone was able to get onto the web, and check out their tv’s to see that a huge portion of the state is out. Word around here is that everything should be back up and running by 6PM, shitty power grid not withstanding.

Jessickuh keeps calling me and saying that me and the woman can drive to Texas and bunk with her and her husband. While our power was out, sporadic text messages kept coming in to the effect of “I see the news. Y’all are having a fucking terror state!“, “Christ, that’s scary!“, and my favorite : “Going to DragonCon?

MIAMI (AP) — A mechanical failure to two nuclear power units at the Turkey Point facility south of Miami has caused statewide power outages Tuesday afternoon.

Service from multiple agencies, including Progress Energy, Tampa Electric and Florida Power & Light were affected.

Florida Power & Light spokesperson Bob Coleman said when the Turkey Point generators suffer mechanical failure the entire state is affected.

The State EOC in Tallahassee has activated to a Level 2, partial activation, in response to the current power outage in the state. The state’s emergency activation center will be partially staffed.

There are approximately three million people without power in the Florida Power and Light system.

Read more here.


Power’s been out this morning…

Apparently it’s out across the state of Florida.

TAMPA – An unknown problem in the statewide power grid has sparked widespread outages throughout the Tampa Bay area this afternoon, as utility companies scramble to figure out what went wrong.

Tampa Electric was fielding calls from customers whose power went out this afternoon, said Laura Plumb, utility spokeswoman. She said she didn’t know how many people were without electricity or when it will be fixed.

TECO is part of the statewide grid, she said, and because power is out in the Bay area doesn’t mean the problem has occurred here.

The Miami Herald is also reporting massive power outages throughout South Florida, including Miami, Doral, Westchester and Pembroke Pines. Reports of outages extended into Palm Beach, a Florida Power & Light spokeswoman said.

Stay with for developments.

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