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Feast Gets Epic.

Sadly, this will never get on tv. Thanks, Cavemen.


James Sime continues to be the best retailler in comics.

Super Trash Flyer

Like sleazy, trashy old movies? Well so do I.

Which is why Isotope proudly presents a one-night film fest featuring the legendary cinematic historian, b-movie poster curator, exploitation auteur director, and trash film connoisseur Jacques Boyreau!

Author of two of the swingin’ sexiest must-have coffee table books ever printed, Trash: The Graphic Genius of Xploitation Movie Posters and the stunning The Male Mystique: Men’s Magazine Ads of the 1960s and ’70s as well as the cinematic whitesploitation visionary behind the anti-classics Planet Manson, I Do, I Die, and the science fiction LSD epic Candy Von Dewd, Boyreau is invading the Isotope with a 13 foot movie screen and hundreds of reels of lost b-movie exploitation cinema gems.

And for those in the SF Bay Area who need even more cinema sleeze be sure to also check out Boyreau’s Super Trash Peepshow slideshowing and talk featuring vintage artwork from trash films and other forms of disreputable pop culture at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts the following night. You know where I’ll be!

Jacques Boyreau’s Super Trash Film Fest
Friday, October 5th
8pm – Midnight
18 and up, please. Bring your ID for booze. Never a cover.



(prose action, opening or notes to a later work.)

In theory Dr. Mordred’s Saturday Night SINema was a perfect showcase for terrible horror movies, and gore flicks that were written and produced in the Lubbock area. Mordred would shamble about in tattered coattails and a gray top-hat, slurring his speech, and flailing around with plastic human remains as he introduced the evening’s entertainment. Mordred, who’s real name was Ryan Sandoval (PetWorld’s night manager monday thru friday,) had originally conceived of the idea after seeing clips of a similar public access show in Panama City.

He had spent most of his life collecting any horror movie he could find. Copius amounts of money spent in converting VHS to DVD, trolling through bins in flea markets and Horror/Sci-Fi conventions each summer. He also nightly dreamed of fistfights between Vampira and Elvira that would end in hushed embrace – most often at the foot of his own bed. Horror, it seemed, was all Mordred cared for.

In practice, however, Dr. Mordred’s Saturday Night SINema was a perfect joke for all fans of the macabre who lurked in the shadows of the Lubbock area. Sandoval had long since tried to hide his high-pitched squeek under the guise of a terrible Bela Lugosi impression. He would often drink half a gallon of milk before each taping to “slime up” his voice, but mostly would serve to stain his makeshift zombie cotoure – turning red blood stains into pink swathes of dripping comedy. It was long held that he would pour Pepto on his clothes to achieve an effect of dried blood, but once it was understood that this was an unfortunate side effect of his milk voice, Sandoval became something of a living symbol for Ed Wood fans’ eternal desire to see people fail.


The philosophical implications of death metal…

The following is an excerpt from a conversation about the movie, Cannbial Holocaust archived on the Bendis Board..

“I was just filled with disgust and rage, and I wanted those guys to fucking die. Fiction or not, I couldn’t watch that whole scene. It was the most unsettling rape I have ever seen filmed. I felt ashamed just watching the movie after that.”

Kind of did what it was supposed to then, didn’t it? I mean, say what you will about everything in the movie – it, as art, means something about humanity. I use it as an explanation of why someone would ever listen to gore metal.

It is the act of epiphany for alot of people – the moment where you realize that humanity is sick. This gives you a few options – end it, ignore it, or use it. A movie like Cannibal Holocaust is the realization that we’re not at all right, where as something like Death Metal is the further explanation of what we’re capable of. Nihilism, in that sense, is less than a lack of care for other people, and more an exclamation point used to demonstrate why we need to change.

Of course, we have to examine each on a case by case basis. That is, not every one of these bands, much like many of the Mondo films, is expresing these views. They then become charicatures, and do little more than to serve up the same – sadly proving the original point that humanity is indeed off. I don’t think that anyone quite feels comfortable with the thought that George Fischer is one of the world’s leading social commentater.

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