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The philosophical implications of death metal…

The following is an excerpt from a conversation about the movie, Cannbial Holocaust archived on the Bendis Board..

“I was just filled with disgust and rage, and I wanted those guys to fucking die. Fiction or not, I couldn’t watch that whole scene. It was the most unsettling rape I have ever seen filmed. I felt ashamed just watching the movie after that.”

Kind of did what it was supposed to then, didn’t it? I mean, say what you will about everything in the movie – it, as art, means something about humanity. I use it as an explanation of why someone would ever listen to gore metal.

It is the act of epiphany for alot of people – the moment where you realize that humanity is sick. This gives you a few options – end it, ignore it, or use it. A movie like Cannibal Holocaust is the realization that we’re not at all right, where as something like Death Metal is the further explanation of what we’re capable of. Nihilism, in that sense, is less than a lack of care for other people, and more an exclamation point used to demonstrate why we need to change.

Of course, we have to examine each on a case by case basis. That is, not every one of these bands, much like many of the Mondo films, is expresing these views. They then become charicatures, and do little more than to serve up the same – sadly proving the original point that humanity is indeed off. I don’t think that anyone quite feels comfortable with the thought that George Fischer is one of the world’s leading social commentater.


Black Metal + Cthulhu + Metal

 (comic script action)


1 – A swirling mass of inky blackness off of the western coast of South America.



Perched upon freedom rides the end of the age.


The mass of the lesser to be swallowed with the ruins of R’lyeh.


2 – At the bottom of the sea, lit by the barest of light, we can see the ruins of the ancient city of R’lyeh.



            The captive of millennia.


            The end of the Earth is heralded by the breaking of a cage.


3 – A hand clutches at a tower in the city. Another pushes up from the middle of the streets. Cool blue tentacles wind their way through the broken building of the city.



            Come! Rise Cthulhu, old priest of Yog-Sothoth.


            Your father has let you free; The Beyond One asks a gift.


            PAGE 2


1 – The head of Cthulhu towers over the ancient city. The skull like a man, the front of his face nothing but a tight bundle of long reaching tentacles ever expanding in all directions.



            To the outer god Tulzscha you will purify and lift.


            The meat of the land will fill your coffer.


2 – Cthulhu snags a Megalodon (just so you can draw a giant shark…) with one of it’s tentacles.



            The time for cleansing comes, as we ready for the wake of Azathoth; Ancient dreamer.


            Sate yourself upon the kingly and destitute; The lesser races but fuel.




1 – Full page fun! A massive hand crushes a port city as Cthulu rises out of the water. The scale should be massive for the old one, as he’s easily able to destroy the city. Screaming into the sky, his body stretching across the land.



            To the ends of those who serve, and the ancient kings, you are the tool.


            With your task, Nyarlathotep reaches from The Court to aid the blasphemer.

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