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WoW not so far ahead of everyone else?

It’s widely been recognized that WoW is and has been the king of the MMO market. Whether striking a nerve that EQ2 didn’t, or being so digestable that it brought in crossover players, it can’t be denied that Blizzard’s big hitter is number one. On the other hand, it has it’s problems. People have been screaming lately about the possibility that Age of Conan and Warhammer : Age of Reckoning might steal away WoW’s PVP crowd by doing it better, more intelligently, and with a little more care. Still, AoC and WAR are still a ways away from launch, and most likely won’t see a population boom for a few months after that. However, one other MMO has been slowly & quietly climbing the sales charts : Guild Wars.

WoW, having reached 10 million subscribers in late January 2008, has been the focus of the MMO industry’s growth. But it’s Guild Wars that should be the true mark of growth. While WoW has brought in players well and above the much accepted MMO player base (that is, an MMO only had to sell about 500,000 copies to be considered “wildly successful”,) the recent anouncement that Guild Wars has sold 5 million copies is the real news. People are still coming to MMO’s via WoW, but they’re now staying here and having a look around.

With the recent release of the sci-fi alternative Tabula Rasa, the PVE beauty LOTRO, & Pirates of the Burning Sea for the magic-hating PVP crowd, we’re seeing a huge boon to the MMO crowd. No longer is the genre content with carving up the same small player base, but now reaching out into the overall gaming world as the preeminent PC gaming destination. So what kind of numbers can we expect out of future titles like AoC, WAR, Star Trek Online, and Blizz’s proposed next-gen MMO? At this point it looks like the sky’s the limit.


Norway guards against the future, votes to protect plants

From Wired:

…Biblical references repeatedly cropped up as guests at the opening ceremony carried the first seed deposits into the vault in the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard…

…”This is a frozen Garden of Eden,” European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said, standing in one of the frosty vaults against a backdrop of large discs made of ice…

…Svalbard Global Seed Vault, just 620 miles from the North Pole, is designed to house as many as 4.5 million crop seeds from all over the world. It is built to withstand global warming, earthquakes and even nuclear strikes…


Miku Hatsune

She’s a 16 year old Soprano voice. I say “voice” because Miku is actually a vocal synthesizer app created by Yamaha. She’s not a real person. She’s sampled from audio data of voice actress Saki Fujita. Anyone can create vocal tracks by typing in the lyrics of the song you want sung (in either Japanese or English) and then entering the notes for each lyric.

Videos of her voice can be found all over the youtubes. Soon enough the RIAA will latch on to her and finally find a way to completely cut artists out of the loop – ensuring that the pop machine remains, in fact, a machine.


US Congress Get Balls, Votes to Secure Future of Human Race

Senate Votes to Add $1B to NASA Budget

Thursday, October 04, 2007

By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON — The Senate decided Thursday to add $1 billion to NASA’s budget as both Democrats and Republicans voted to further break President Bush’s budget for domestic programs.

The money would replenish NASA accounts tapped to make improvements to the space shuttle program in the wake of the crash of the Columbia shuttle. The space agency has tapped non-shuttle accounts such as science and other space exploration programs for about $2.7 billion for safety upgrades and other costs identified after the 2003 disaster.

“NASA is being starved,” said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., adding that without the money, the next-generation Constellation space flight program wouldn’t be able to launch astronauts into orbit until 2015. The last shuttle flight is slated for 2010.

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4.54 billion years from now, we might have local neighbors…

Astronomers have spotted evidence of a second Earth being built around a distant star 424 light-years away.

Using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers have spotted a huge belt of warm dust swirling around a young star called HD 113766 that is just slightly larger than our sun.

The dust belt, which scientists suspect is clumping together to form planets, is located in the middle of the star system’s terrestrial habitable zone where temperatures are moderate enough to sustain liquid water.

Scientists estimate there is enough material in the belt to form a Mars-sized world or larger.

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“It Is Our Destiny, Certainly, To Imagine Our Future In Space”

I find myself rereading Beyond Earth : The Future of Humans In Space again…for what feels like the eighth time. One of the things that I enjoy so much about the book is the fact that it’s so easily digestable. Split into 36 short (no more than three or four pages) essays about different facets of Humanity in space, the book finds itself meandering all over the map, extolling the needs and benefits of a future for us in space.

I have to say that the biggest on my mind right now is essay number eight, Stage Three Leadership : From Good Ideas to Unified Action, which discusses in detail the needs of a one world government, and a one world culture to grow and allow us entrance into the void. It discusses the first culture to present itself as a unified Earth culture, The United States, and resistance to that eventual outcome.

(I remember briefly hearing on some TechTV show a few years back that we would most likely be absorbed bny Japan’s culture and morality. I chalk that up to people growing up in the eighties and fearing the great Sony take over of the US government. I wasn’t really aware in the eighties, so I often laugh at this for many different reasons.)

It’s almost like looking at the future. Knowing what’s going to happen. I’ve never really cared about spoilers in books, movies, comics, and tv shows – Because it was the ride that mattered. That, and hoping I could figure out how it would all fit together in the end. That’s why I’m enjoying the global climate right now. Things are so…fractured. It doesn’t look like it will ever happen, but here I am – trying to figure out what the next chapter will be.


Nanotube forests grown on silicon chips for future computers, electronics

Stolen from Warren Ellis.


Engineers have shown how to grow forests of tiny cylinders called carbon nanotubes onto the surfaces of computer chips to enhance the flow of heat at a critical point where the chips connect to cooling devices called heat sinks.

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