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So it appears there’s a new chance to get in the WAR beta

By buying:

Comdemned By Fire #1 Cover C

Essentially this is coming out of Wondercon this week:

Each copy of WARHAMMER: CONDEMNED BY FIRE #1 contains a scratch-off which reveals a code giving readers a 1-in-5 chance of entry into the WARHAMMER ONLINE beta test.

More info should be coming out in the next newsletter. But word is approximately 20% of codes submitted will be invited to participate in the beta test. Also, the promotional code must be activated by May 31, 2008 to be eligible for the beta test. Which means that we’re almost entirely guaranteed to see a June release if they’re stopping all beta apps at the end of May.


I’ve been bored out of my mind waiting for my beta invite. That is, I did the above before I closed my WoW account about a week after WAR beta opened. I’ve been making due with the PS3 and BF2142, but COME ON, MYTHIC. I put in a beta invite minutes after it opened.

So I’ve taken to helping out with editing HammerWiki.


James Sime continues to be the best retailler in comics.

Super Trash Flyer

Like sleazy, trashy old movies? Well so do I.

Which is why Isotope proudly presents a one-night film fest featuring the legendary cinematic historian, b-movie poster curator, exploitation auteur director, and trash film connoisseur Jacques Boyreau!

Author of two of the swingin’ sexiest must-have coffee table books ever printed, Trash: The Graphic Genius of Xploitation Movie Posters and the stunning The Male Mystique: Men’s Magazine Ads of the 1960s and ’70s as well as the cinematic whitesploitation visionary behind the anti-classics Planet Manson, I Do, I Die, and the science fiction LSD epic Candy Von Dewd, Boyreau is invading the Isotope with a 13 foot movie screen and hundreds of reels of lost b-movie exploitation cinema gems.

And for those in the SF Bay Area who need even more cinema sleeze be sure to also check out Boyreau’s Super Trash Peepshow slideshowing and talk featuring vintage artwork from trash films and other forms of disreputable pop culture at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts the following night. You know where I’ll be!

Jacques Boyreau’s Super Trash Film Fest
Friday, October 5th
8pm – Midnight
18 and up, please. Bring your ID for booze. Never a cover.


Image Roll : Jack Kirby

Thank you, Image.Google.Com:


Castration of a Major Entertainment Company

So, we now have 3 years removed from Jemas’ official departure, four years from the Epic relaunch and Waid-gate, five years from his rise to the top of the heap, and 7 years since he and Joe Q helped create the Ultimate line with USM.

His tenure spawned some of the best books in comics in a long time, and injected Marvel with a sense of newess that brought it more readers than comics had seen in a long time.

For those of you who might not know who he was, here’s a brief synopsis from Rich Johnston’s LiTG regarding the end of Jemas’ tenure:


“Bill Jemas came to prominence in Marvel during the bankruptcy reorganisations, originally from Marvel-owned Fleer, he launched the Ultimate line and eventually was key in replacing editor-in-chief Bob Harras with Joe Quesada. They formed a buddy team for the public, taking the roles of good cop and bad cop, often playing for the peanut gallery and courting controversy and sales as they attempted to mould Marvel in their image. Implementing no-overships, newsstand compilation magazines, the MAX line, entrenching Marvel Knights, removing the Comics Code, widening Marvel’s pool of talent to extremes, embracing trade paperback programmes and much more. They changed the face of the company and helped it move from loss into profit, while simultaneously grabbing positive reviews both inside and outside of comics.

“Years later, that partnership would suffer as controversy was suddenly frowned on by other Marvel execs and Joe Quesada began to disassociate himself from Jemas in the eyes of Marvel employees and freelancers, even as Bill Jemas was spearheading the Epic line which promised career jumping on point for wannabe comic creators.

“Jemas’ interference in plots and scripts at Marvel caused much fury internally. He was seen as arrogant, unfeeling and inconsistent and few felt his hands-on changes benefited the books.

“Avi Arad was furious over certain comics spearheaded by Jemas that caused him difficulty selling the properties to Hollywood, and causing ructions with stars. As the films became more and more important, executive Isaac Perlmutter switched his loyalties to Arad and the writing was on the wall. Bill Jemas’ courting of the press stopped, and his influence within the company was curtailed.

“It is expected that the Epic line will publish all announced titles, with a big splurge in February, but after that projects that have been greenlit, but not announced, may well be cancelled. I hear that already Epic editors Stephanie Moore and Cory Sedlmeier are working on non-Epic projects. The Ultimate line, making up some of Marvel’s best selling titles, will continue along a similar model.

“Bill Jemas’ future is unknown. However, after recently cashing in millions in stock, he’s not expected to be in need of a job or two right now. Jemas often became the Aunt Sally for Marvel. He leaves the company in a far better financial and creative state than it was when he took over. Some will curse his name, some will praise it. But he avoided committed the ultimate sin in comics – he was never boring.”

What we have seen since from Marvel has been the same parade of epic storylines and boring crossovers. The plastic smell has worn off, and everything seems old now. Is this what comics has become? No longer content to push boundries, Marvel has settled back into the ninties, laid it’s head down, and gone back to sleep.



(prose action, opening or notes to a later work.)

In theory Dr. Mordred’s Saturday Night SINema was a perfect showcase for terrible horror movies, and gore flicks that were written and produced in the Lubbock area. Mordred would shamble about in tattered coattails and a gray top-hat, slurring his speech, and flailing around with plastic human remains as he introduced the evening’s entertainment. Mordred, who’s real name was Ryan Sandoval (PetWorld’s night manager monday thru friday,) had originally conceived of the idea after seeing clips of a similar public access show in Panama City.

He had spent most of his life collecting any horror movie he could find. Copius amounts of money spent in converting VHS to DVD, trolling through bins in flea markets and Horror/Sci-Fi conventions each summer. He also nightly dreamed of fistfights between Vampira and Elvira that would end in hushed embrace – most often at the foot of his own bed. Horror, it seemed, was all Mordred cared for.

In practice, however, Dr. Mordred’s Saturday Night SINema was a perfect joke for all fans of the macabre who lurked in the shadows of the Lubbock area. Sandoval had long since tried to hide his high-pitched squeek under the guise of a terrible Bela Lugosi impression. He would often drink half a gallon of milk before each taping to “slime up” his voice, but mostly would serve to stain his makeshift zombie cotoure – turning red blood stains into pink swathes of dripping comedy. It was long held that he would pour Pepto on his clothes to achieve an effect of dried blood, but once it was understood that this was an unfortunate side effect of his milk voice, Sandoval became something of a living symbol for Ed Wood fans’ eternal desire to see people fail.


The Reformers

(script action, politics)

“The Reformers”

Script – Mike Black


1 – Ext. suburban home. Backdoor of the house, a lone light sits lighting a small area of the backyard, the rest of the panel is pitch. Directly under the light is Richard, a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. His arms are crossed , but in one hand he holds the leash for his dog, sniffing at the ground in front of him.

TV (From inside door)-
The newest rounds of cuts has set off a fire storm of controversy across the country.

In The Slate-Helders budget, federal grants for student housing in post-graduate programs has been cut by some thirty percent. When asked for comment, Representative Helders stated…

TV (Helders)-
“The success from those programs was marginal. We’ve seen very little of value come from it over the past ten years. This is a society of success, and we cannot tie ourselves to endeavors that fail year in, year out.”

Well, atleast I can still go home.


1 – These panels will all be widecreen. I want a real movie feel to them, maybe even light-boxed. The dog wanders out of the circle of light. Richard’s head leans back as his knees bend. He’s staring straight into the night sky. His cell phone rings.

2 – Richard straightens up, and the dog runs back into the light. The phone rings again.

3 – The phone is in his free hand, the other holding the leash out. He holds the cell to his ear and answers.


4 – Richard’s head sinks down as the dog jumps up and down at his leg playfully. The cigarette goes limp in his mouth.

When did you sell it?

Boca Raton. How nice.

Alright, ma. I’m kind of busy right now.

Alright, love you too.

5 – Same panel as last. The dog is clawing up at Richard’s knee. His head is now up, looking forward into the darkness as he plunges the cell phone into his pocket.

Home is out of the question, then.


The Public Fisting Of Sen. James

(prose action)
I first met Jennifer Belle after the trial of Senator Anthony James.

It’d been so widly reported exactly what went on in room 442 of the Ocean Side Motel (much to the dismay of Mrs. James,) that when I was sent to by my editor to cover the post trial I wasn’t in need of much prepatory work. I still, however, ended up in the lobby of the Hilton drowning myself with cheap coffee.

The clippings I had were a mass of conformity. I couldn’t read more than three lines before seeing the same words I had seen thousands of times earlier in the stack. Bondage. Sadomasochism. School girls. All of it was so heavy, and it wore on me that the good Senator didn’t have any imagination when it came to sexual depraivity. It was if the Marquis De Sade used up all the good ideas, and all we had left were the scraps the Japanese were tossing us in their never ending quest to come up with new ways of getting off. When did a good, old fashioned sex scandal become so boring?

I felt sick and tired. The adderall I had begun taking to keep me focused was wearing off, and I was 200 miles away from my supplier. My head drifted back to my father saying “Dex, being a writer seems so damned lazy.” I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought about the strain I was going through. It might be easy to write, but getting focused enough to actually work was like voting in American Idol. I mean, really, who gives a shit? Struggling with the notes was proving harder and hard by the moment, as my eyes glazed over and my skull began to pound. Then it struck me that I didn’t have any cigarettes left. This left a deep sense of urgency that, compounded with the lack of sleep and banality of my profession, caused me to “check out” completely.

So, when I let my head wander, and my eyes go their own way, it’s no surprise that I was staring at the lady of the hour herself without realizing it. Talking about how gorgeous she was has no point – the world already knows. But the first time I first truely saw her charcoal hair, or the curves that most sculptors can’t duplicate, I was taken aback. I remember the first time I ever looked at her in person was right after the public fisting of Sen. James.

I also remember that it hurt to look at her.

Mike Black is…

A writer, reader, commentator, music lover, art lover, futurist, tech lover, pragmatist, romantic, DepDecoist, and a bastard. Hopefully you enjoy.

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