In 1978…

A white supremacist piece of shit wrote a book called The Turner Diaries.

That book told the story of a different white supremacist piece of shit who participated in the overthrow of the U.S. goverment, that eventually led to a nuclear war that finally led to an all-white world population. The book is celebrated within the white supremacist piece of shit community. Eventually a different white supremacist piece of shit perpetrated a terrorist attack that led to the death of 168 people. This white supremacist piece of shit had a copy of the book with him.

The reason I bring this up is that I have recently been quietly working on a new novel, The Reformers. Today, I completed it.

Once I began to read back over the work, and started to make notes towards my second draft, I had a near constant nagging reminder of The Turner Diaries. I realized that while my book neither advocated terrorism, nor racial superiority, there was always the possibility that some asshat would attempt to emulate what I had written.

So I sat, and thought for a few hours, and I thought about what would happen if I finished the book, and I ruminated on how that would affect me. Then I deleted the master copy, and all the notes I had for the writing of the novel.

It’s gone.

In it’s stead, I will give you this list of reading, and influences:

Napalm Death (particularly the last four or so albums)

Nestor Makhno

The Free Territory of the Ukraine

The Black Army

Black Flags of any kind

DMZ, Brian Wood’s comic series on a war torn New York.


Sam Adam’s Imperial Stout


That being said, I’ll be disappearing for a short while. Real life concerns, personal issues, medical issues, and a lack of a normal sleep schedule have to be tended to.

Hopefully I’ll come out the other side with a new project.



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