Everyone is up my ass to get on twitter…

So I am rebelling and reviving the wordpress blog. I can think of no better way to do this other than to take a step back 3 years and stand firmly in web ludditism. I’ve begun using MySpace again, and this is the next logical step. If I become vindictive enough, I might set up a geocities page.

Regardless, this is most likely going to be my home for a while. MySpace mobile, essentially the same thing as Twitter, scares me for various reasons related to my life falling apart. Moore’s Law seems to be operating at peak efficiency when applied to Web 2.0 memes. New ideas are rising and being stamped out at ever increasing rates. Look at Mebo. I don’t need this shit.

Currently listening to Soulfly’s Conquer. Still shocked that Max seems to be getting his shit back together.


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