The Reformers

(script action, politics)

“The Reformers”

Script – Mike Black


1 – Ext. suburban home. Backdoor of the house, a lone light sits lighting a small area of the backyard, the rest of the panel is pitch. Directly under the light is Richard, a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. His arms are crossed , but in one hand he holds the leash for his dog, sniffing at the ground in front of him.

TV (From inside door)-
The newest rounds of cuts has set off a fire storm of controversy across the country.

In The Slate-Helders budget, federal grants for student housing in post-graduate programs has been cut by some thirty percent. When asked for comment, Representative Helders stated…

TV (Helders)-
“The success from those programs was marginal. We’ve seen very little of value come from it over the past ten years. This is a society of success, and we cannot tie ourselves to endeavors that fail year in, year out.”

Well, atleast I can still go home.


1 – These panels will all be widecreen. I want a real movie feel to them, maybe even light-boxed. The dog wanders out of the circle of light. Richard’s head leans back as his knees bend. He’s staring straight into the night sky. His cell phone rings.

2 – Richard straightens up, and the dog runs back into the light. The phone rings again.

3 – The phone is in his free hand, the other holding the leash out. He holds the cell to his ear and answers.


4 – Richard’s head sinks down as the dog jumps up and down at his leg playfully. The cigarette goes limp in his mouth.

When did you sell it?

Boca Raton. How nice.

Alright, ma. I’m kind of busy right now.

Alright, love you too.

5 – Same panel as last. The dog is clawing up at Richard’s knee. His head is now up, looking forward into the darkness as he plunges the cell phone into his pocket.

Home is out of the question, then.


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