The Full Manifesto

Scribbled on a note pad, 2:43 AM EST, 5-10-05

Telling stories is human. Art is human.

We tend to get away from that in our line
of work, don’t we?

In a field where we spend more time convelescing
about what old characters will do in death trap A
than what real people would do in real life event B
we sometimes forget that we’re forgetting what makes
telling stories compelling.

I like to think that I’m above mindless fanboy banter
and obsessing, but even I have fallen into debates
about Loincloth the Brutalizer V. Captain Utility Belt
many times. It often takes something small to remind us.
Dante’s Divine Comedy, the popes of Frances Bacon, or
even Jasper Johns bronzing two cans of beer. These are
statements about humanity. Stories, be it The Allegory
of the Cave or even Clutch’s “Muchas Veces”,are the
human experience.

It’s something I had forgotten when trolling around
the shop on wednesdays. Part of that came from creators
forgetting the same.

In today’s market of cross-overs and big number “Death of”
issues we get caught up in keeping our heads above water in
our office-less job; and find ourselves beholden less to
our love of story telling and more to Diamond sales


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