Except from correspondence with a good friend Dewey. Shared based solely so you can understand why I always look like I’m staring off into space. This might shed insight into why I have a tendency to pick up projects and drop them immediately (much to Geen’s chagrin in terms of my writing output.)


…Man – what the fuck is my deal lately? I’m in another one of my creative gluts right now. Yesterday it’s t-shirt design, and today it’s political activism. I swear to god, all I wanted to do all day is create an activist website dedicated to Futurethink and the concept of [I]Raison d’Humanite[/I].

It’s like all I want to do is infest minds with my political theory of “Shut the fuck up.” I mean, I have shit to work on – no artist in sight for the forseable future – but, I have so much crap flying around my head. I want to push ideas, and kick start brains, and break faces. It’s driving me nuts. Mostly this means you can ignore the random PM’s I might send you in the next month or so. They will be varied and crazed, and half baked and completely random. Just remember that the shit I would send you (if I do,) is only about a quarter of whatever comes up in my head at any given time.

Did I ever tell you about [Nebula], the mature (in thought process, not content,) comics magazine? I was ranting about it for about a year. I kept spewing out “It’s easy to imagine! Just think of Playboy – but replace the tits with serialized comics!” I swore up and down that it would be a great way to get comics to the masses.

The website – fuck. I was kicking around “AllPointsBulletin.com”, where it was dedicated to finding, ferreting out, and polishing the ideas of the future. An online thinktank housing forward thinking educators, science majors, philosophers, and the like for designing and implementing Post Humanity (I suppose taking Morrison’s X-Men and making the ideas a reality.)

I also had big plans for bringing in architects to do city planning [on the website] – not just for urban sprawls here on Earth (to help aleviate population stress on the enviroment as well as to better control population growth,) but to try and plan what cities on Lunar colonies might look like. I swear to god, there is something wrong with the way I think.

Bler. My head hurts. I need to read. (Sometimes I need to vent before my brain bursts.)



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